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Sprititual Flora – 100 Grams

 200.00 Inc. GST

Length of the stick: 8 inches

Type of batti: Masala Batti

Burning duration: 1 hour

Number of sticks:

Fragrance: Woody

Fragrance strength: Medium

Colour of batti: Brown

Weight: 100 grams

Product benefits: Relaxation, Refreshing, Soothing, Calming

Manufactured in: India

Brand: Parimal Products

Type of making: Machine Made

Quality of product: Premium

Packing type: Rectangular

 200.00 Inc. GST

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Whenever a person worships in the house, incense sticks are given the first place because it is also the remedy for the purification of the house. Before starting the worship, it is considered necessary to have peace and concentration in the mind, that is why incense sticks are used at the place of worship so that the above mentioned situation can be created. Our incense sticks will lift your mood in just a few seconds. We are counted first in India for Agarbatti, the reason is the quality of our products.

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