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The significance of there are certain substances when We burn one thing is there is the fragrance of course which is pleasant for the nostrils. And incense burning is about the atmosphere, not about us. Because in different spaces, there are different kinds of one thing, smell, and other types of energy structures that will happen in different areas. The room dimensions will take care of this. It is why there is such attention to the shape and size of the room in Indian culture.

There is full attention to the shape and size of the room in which you live because the shape and size of the room in some way is not heavily ventilated as from both sides two worlds are open and it’s happening. Then it feels almost like the outdoors is different. Most homes are not made this way. 

These energy structures can, if they become very strong, determine h psychological and emotional state. Which either can be conducive or can become an impediment to who you want to be. 

 Positive sides of burning incense

 Certain substances like sandals in India have something called sambrani, which is very powerful and used even when people are ill. So the first thing they do is this. 

It has now been found to kill certain bacteria in the air and on surfaces. Especially if there is a person in the house sambrani, everywhere if they want to do some auspicious event some Rani all over the place, it is a certain kind of resin that a tree drips. In this pursuit of Sambrani in the forest, there are message trees. People would have curved into the tree because the tree looks solid outside but inside there is a cavity in that cavity it will be dripping this resin, but people go and gather this.

It is a precious little material. It has a powerful impact on the atmosphere. It is not necessarily a fragrance; it is a different kind of thing that clarifies the air. It just makes the atmosphere feel more lively. Fundamentally, whatever structures there will make indoor like outdoor, if you burn a mild sambrani in the house, it will make feel like though you are indoors, the feeling is of outdoors because it is an unstructured space.

To the burning of Sambrani is now added the Agarbatti. These components relate to the use of fragrant materials to improve the focus on the Pooja performed and heightens the sense of smell.

It is to be recognized that Pooja is the ultimate ritual in every Hindu’s life. Therefore, the devotee should focus, concentrate without committing any Pooja mistakes despite distractions from the environment. Four senses of the human body must be engaged in Pooja: the Visuals for our Eyes, sounds for our Ears, Smell of the fragrance for the Nose, and the Tongue in the mouth to utter the glories of our Creator.


Incense has a certain impact, but don’t overdo it, don’t think it will determine our spiritual nature. It can change the atmosphere a little bit. It should not be over-satisfied. It has a certain impact one can use sensibly, but Innocence is being made with chemical stuff these days. Best you don’t burn those things. It is very important before you have enough chemical thought happening on the street, in the industry, in the factory, that you may be working wherever there is chemical floating around, at least within our house do not burn chemically made incense.

Because almost 70% or 80% of what is available in the market today is chemical, we must take it out before we burn it. It is very important because within the clause enclosures, if you burn chemicals, the negative impact of that is very big. It must be natural resin or certain other essential oils, which can make a mild difference. If we need that kind of difference, it helps.

Regarding the importance of incense sticks in a temple, one of the collisions of sense and element is air and smell, which is related to incense. When set alight with burning embers, perfume releases a fragrance that helps with the successful collision of good mood and odor.

The idea is not to burn incense but to create a sweet and aromatic environment devoid of any hazardous chemicals. Incense is burned to purify the air. That is because Prana or air is food to all beings. It is believed to be food to all beings, including celestial beings. The importance of incense is to make the air pleasant for every being by spreading fragrance and purifying it. Hence, the importance of burning incense in a temple holds a strong sacramental value.


In India, we perform Puja with several divine items. It is believed that each of these has a spiritual meaning and importance. camphor is one of all of those items. camphor is a great antibacterial agent and purifies that vast environment by destroying negative energies. Camphor can even make us rich, healthy, and successful. Likewise, Vaastu and astrology have their importance and use.


Burn 2 to 3 camphor and two cloves daily before going to sleep. continue this for a couple of weeks; this helps make you rich, healthy prosperous and also help you get difficult to work done easily in few days


There is a belief that burning camphor at sunset time pleases all gods. Thus, the devotees get blessed with virtue and prosperity.


Burn 1-2 camphor and two cloves in a silver bowl in the kitchen after the evening meal if you do this every night after cleaning the kitchen to reduce expenses.


If you are continuously facing problems related to money, health, business, etc., then sock camphor balls in ghee and light them in the center of the house or office in the morning and evening every day for a month. It will resolve all your problems slowly.


Add seven drops of camphor oil in normal water and have a bath with it every Saturday morning if you do this every week for good luck and long healthy life.


Take a rose and burn a cube of camphor in it; after that, offer the flower in the feet of Goddess Durga. If you do this one and half month regularly, it helps in gaining wealth.


If none of your work is getting done, then you are probably suffering from Vaastu dosha. Keep two big camphors in your home. When they fade up, replace them with new ones. Doing so will slowly remove your Vaastu dosha.

incense sticks

Other benefits of camphor

 Camphor can be used in multiple ways. It is considered an important ingredient in Vaporub, balms, and ointments as the camphor oil can reduce pain and itching. besides, it is beneficial for skin, hair, and health

  • Camphor can treat cold and cough
  •  Camphor works as an antioxidant
  •  It promotes hair growth
  •  It relieves gastric trouble
  • It reduces pain and swelling
  • It helps induce sleep
  •  It helps soothes burn 
  • Camphor treats cracked heels and nail fungus
  • It treats Eczema and skin rashes

Camphor helps people with anxiety and is also beneficial for Asthma, typhoid, & measles patients. It provides temporary relief to people with chronic stress, epilepsy, hysteria, Rheumatism as well. In addition, it decreases the harshness of nervous disorders, which is why people feel positive after worshiping God.

The immediate effect of burning camphor is that it kills all disease-spreading viruses.

Lighting camphor has religious significance and a practical one. To keep a room or a home free from any bad smells or remove any pests or insects with the smoke from the camphor, burning it was pretty useful, especially in ancient times. This practical act became part of a tradition in some religions like Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, and some sects of Islam and Christianity. The incense became a symbol of spirituality and willingness to pay respect to a god or gods.

Camphor burns with a luminous yellow flame….

Many oil lamps in temples also burn the same way….in fact, people collect the fine soot that collects and use that as collyrium…called Katuka in Telugu, Kajal in Hindi.

Where to buy

The incense is good for cleansing your energy body that is cleansing your aura. They are also good for the spirits. So the fragrance attracts certain entities, certain deities, power, energy forces to come to it. 

Every individual has his definition for the best incense stick. For example, some will prefer the fragrance. Some will consider it as best because of high burning time, etc. The best incense sticks which produce less smoke, low ash give a mild fragrance and should be handmade. The packing should be 100% eco-friendly and made for the cause. If you are searching for a best deal so you can connect with Satya Agarbatti Stores. We will provide you best product on best prices with free home delivery.

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