Our company is trading online as well as direct sale of agarbatti or incense sticks and dhoopbatti or dhoop sticks since last 20 years. The brands of incense sticks or agarbatti that are being delivered include spiritual flora 100 grams, ambaji gold 100 grams, polo, hari hari, zed black, swarna champa, arab loban, English brut, Indian festival, white rose, sandalwood, Rose, white gold, sant swami, Jordon, hari priya. This product is made of superior quality material which keeps the environment safe. In addition to making the atmosphere pure and fragrant, incense sticks provide peace to the mind of the people around. Due to the efforts of 20 years and delivering superior quality products, the company is known as the leading shopping store of Mumbai where all the brands of National and International level are available. In order to deliver superior quality products to the clients, we deliver the same products which are made using high class material. Our goal is to deliver client satisfaction and high quality products. We also test these products at our level so that we get 100% client satisfaction which is the most important aspect of our growth. Our first objective is to serve customers and deliver superior quality products. The reason for the growth of the company is the delighting customers. We give priority to products made using modern technology. We are one of the recognized companies amongst industry as agarbatti and dhoopbatti or dhoop sticks trader in Mumbai, India. Clients give five star rank after buying agarbatti or incense sticks Satya Agarbatti online through our website.

We are already known as one of the best and aromatic Agarbatti trader in Mumbai. We want to expand our products to every city in India so that the products delivered by us can be used by all residents of India. Everyone can be encouraged by the products given by our company. We would like to become leading agarbatti shopping store in Mumbai and all over India too. These products are widely appreciated for best fragrance agarbatti.

Products Range

We have wide range of incense sticks and dhoopbatti which we carry in different cities of India. Apart from this, this product can also be purchased through online medium. We have released online service for both retail and wholesale buying. This product can be used for meditation, worship and other purpose. Use of this product is beneficial to observe positive energy at office, home and other places.


Our company has been known as the leading trading company for the past 20 years. We will always strive to maintain the credibility that we have accumulated so far. There are more than 500 incense sticks and incense products being sold by us.

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